What should I do in the event I uncover termites at my home?

In the event that you uncover termites in your home, try to put things back as they were and contact us. Removing or using surface spray to treat infected timbers may kill a few termites in those timbers but in doing so make it more difficult for an expert to effectively treat the main nest. The termites will re-group and attack another section of the structure. Control your anxiety, waiting a few more days before treatment will make little difference to the extent of damage.

Are there termite species which do not damage timber in buildings?

Yes, some species will not attack the seasoned, dry timber in your home. It is important to have the species identified so that appropriate control options can be carried out.

How far will termites travel from their nests to locate feeding sites?

In most cases termites will travel up to 50 meters to locate their feeding sites, but this distance can be doubled in areas that do not have a lot of timber in that distance (such are rural properties etc).

I’ve had a termite treatment carried out on my house, that means it’s safe from termite attack right?

No, unfortunately termites are extremely clever and persistent. In a case of a soil barrier treatments and physical barriers (stainless steel mesh, graded stone etc) are only meant to limit the possibility of the termites entering a building in concealed areas (such as wall voids and enclosed patios etc). It is possible for termites to bridge and even breach these barriers and a Termite Inspection should be carried out regularly whether it is a new home or an older one.

I have ant caps (termite shields) on my piers, will this protect my home from termite attack?

No, they are simply designed to make the termites build their earthen leads around them so they can be detected more easily.

An exposed termite mound (broken open)